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Looking to book driving test then, we are with you for your guidance.There is a test has been described in the law of United kingdom that every person need who is male or female it doesn’t matter, they have to give the driving test for getting the licence of car driving and here, we are describing you the method by which you can do driving test booking, Government launched a lot of way by which you may apply for the driving test and we want to introduce all the methods to you, this is not a government website, this is your friendly website and providing you the help as much as we can then before proceeding ahead we need to discuss with you on some important topics related your driving test then please look below for better understanding about how to book your driving test, actually you have many options by which you may apply and they all listed below:

Book your theory driving test

You need for knowing some theory to book a driving test because when you will have to face the interviewer that time you should know about all the things those are important for running a car on the road then you need to learn the theory to take taxi test, tractor test, test to upgrade from automatic to manual transmission then in my suggestion, first you need to earn some knowledge from the books after that you will be eligible for this driving test but there is no need to take the tension too much to take these aspects that where you get books, how it may study possible and which type of questions will be asked from you because the test takers are also human, they all want to provide you the licence and there is no restriction to take it that you only apply one time for booking your driving test test but you are on our website then it is our moral duty that we explains you how you should prepare for this test then, you only need to collect causal knowledge like cars should be stopped on red light and what should do at the time of green light. These types of things will be asked in the interview after book driving theory test that what should you at the condition of that type of and which traffic light indicates what then, there is no need to worry so much and for knowing the procedure by which you how to apply for driving test, please look below:

How to apply for driving test

There is a link given below for your help, this link is for the government website for booking driving test but remind you one thing again that you need to revise all driving techniques and the functions of traffic lights after that you should apply for booking your driving test after it, you need to click on the link which is given below for your assistance in booking your driving test. This website is free of cost but many of the fake people visiting on the internet and they are demanding for a lot of dollars for offering this page.

So, there is no need to find this type of link on any other website and follow some easy steps for booking your dlva test then, first of all you need to click on the link given below this heading and after that you will see a new window appear on your screen and this new window is known as the official website of government for booking driving test then the government website ask you that what type of test you want to book after that the website will ask you about your about your licence details and you need to choose to select your test centre and the date and the time from a list of options will be visible on that government website.

At last the website will require for your personal details and will have to the pay for the test because this is the fee of government not our’s and there is also a procedure for cancelling your driving test because many of the times it happens that you have some piece of urgent work, you have to go for market and many other reason and you are not able for going at the test for your driving and test includes book practical driving test plus book theory driving test then, you may cancel this by following some easy steps those given below:

This link is for applying driving test      Book Driving Test

Cancelling your Driving test

You may cancel your driving test from this driving test online website, when you will trying for cancelling the test then, you need a note of your driving licence and one more thing that you need your application reference number, which was issued to you when you have booked the test.

If you don’t have about your application reference number in your memory then, you may use your theory test certificate but you need one of the number from both of them and make sure this thing in your mind that the fees which you have submitted at the time of applying for driving test, then this total fees will be refund to you at the time of cancelling the driving test then, there is a link given at the bottom of this heading for the cancellation form and remember this thing in your mind that you will need driving licence number and application reference number / theory test certificate number for filling the cancellation form and this thing is also for your notice that after cancellation your fees will not refund immediately, it takes three working time means sunday and other holidays will not be count in working days  then, please have a look on the link by which you get the page of cancellation form

This link is for Cancellation form     Cancellation form

Changing Date of Your Driving test

This is not really a big challenge because United Kingdom government provides you a right of provisional driving licence by which you may change or cancel your program of booking driving test then, there is no need to worry too much because by simple formalities you may change the date of your driving test but there are a lot of brokers are moving in the market for cheat you to take this driving test date changing but in real this work is free of cost from the government and no can take any type of money to take this changing date then, don’t believe on brokers and there is a link given below by which you may easily get the page on which date be changed of your driving test then, if you are looking for changing the date of your driving test then you are most welcome and follow these simple steps that first you need to click on the link which is given below after that when you will click on the link, there will be a new window appear on your screen which will be known as the Changing date of your driving test.

After that there will be an option visible on that page for “start now” then click on it and after that there will be a page open on your screen and read that page carefully and this is really a request that read all points which will be visible on that page and after it you are able to change your date and remember one thing that you also may change your date by following this process again but try this not be done because it may they will cancel your application of third time, then please have a look on the link which is given below for your assistance in changing your driving test date

This link is for changing the date of driving test after booking theory test    Changing date page

On the day of the test

DVSA providing you the driving theory book on its website but if You are thinking that they will offer you a car and you will drive it on an empty road but this is not truth because they need to make sure that you are able for every type of driving because you know this very well that if you get the license then no one can cease your vehicle or you then, officers should make sure that your driving knowledge is good and you can make your concentration on the road then please make sure that your driving performance should be good and when you will be going for driving test, you need to photocard for driving licence then, please take some photocard in your pocket for your licence and there is no need to worry too much because this not a very hard test because we all want to make our country great and always remember about the dlva theory test

We hope that we made your help and if you need more information or if your have you any query to take booking driving test then you may contact at the official website of driving test which has been designed by the United Kingdom Government then please have a look on the link given below for your assistance

This is the link by which you may clear your question direct with the government facility.

DVSA driving test booking support

Telephone: 0300 200 1122

Monday to Friday, 8am to midday

Find out about call charges

So this was all about the driving test booking, if any query you can leave a comment below, we will reply at the earliest. So book your driving test today and get your first license.

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